Jun 122018

How to Create a Free Blog in 30 Minutes without any Code?

If you are even a tiny bit technologically inclined, you must have come across some blogs on the internet that took your breath away – and you wondered – how do they write such excellent blog posts that are interesting as well as informative – and at the same time, they are fun to read. Pretty sure that you too … Read More

Jul 242016

What is Web Hosting?

The World Wide Web can be looked at as exactly that – a unique world. And in this world, there are addresses. These addresses are where websites are located. Thus, web hosting can be looked at as the upkeep and maintenance of a property. And as with most things involving computers, it sounds easy at first but gets a little … Read More

Jul 102016

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This is the process by which websites gain traffic by making themselves more visible in the results of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is crucial for a website’s success and viability because it’s a free way of garnering organic traffic and exposure that both marks a website’s relevance and reputation while … Read More

Jun 272016

Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

Imagine if, as a consumer, there was a way to view a business’s reputation, services and products all in one place. Now ask yourself whether or not you would check this site regardless of whether or not you plan to visit this business in person. If the answer is yes, then you can understand how websites can be very helpful to businesses … Read More