Apr 262022

Google core web vitals – why it matters?

In mid-June 2021, Google’s algorithm updates for page experience much-talked-about Core Web Vitals. And since then, they have been a hot topic in the SEO community. Core Web Vitals evaluate or measure how visitors perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its informational value. They include: Largest Contentful Paint (“LCP”) – Loading Performance First Input Delay (“FID”) … Read More

Aug 42020

Step-by-Step Guide To Achieve 100% On Google PageSpeed Insights

You built a website, and it’s ready to go live, but the difficulty is that the site is taking too long to load in the browser. The slow page speed of your website negatively impacts the user experience and can potentially lower your business overall revenue. Users have a short attention span, and if your site is not loading fast, … Read More