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How do I Get My Business to Come Up First on Google?

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What do we do when we require any information? We turn to Google, right? Whether it is completing a school assignment or learning a new recipe or looking for a service provider – Google has become our go-to place for everything. As more and more people are turning to Google, businesses are developing websites and creating an online presence to reach their target audience through this search medium.

Now, the fight is to come on the top of Google search engine ranking. It is because the majority of users don’t look beyond the first four-five search results. So, if you cannot make it to the top Google search results, you would not be able to create excellent online visibility. While it is a good idea to hire a local SEO agency to further the task, you must also know the techniques to rank high. It will help you keep a better check on the working of the SEO agency you hire.


Here are six techniques to help your business come up first on Google:

Good Quality Content

Content should be your prime area of focus. Google aims to provide its users with the most relevant and useful content for their queries. It is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this search engine. With time, Google is improvising and getting better at meeting this aim. Some of the factors that make the content worthy of reaching the top results are as follows:

  • The content should be unique and truly useful. It should answer the users’ queries completely. The users should not have to look elsewhere.
  • It must be grammatically correct.
  • The language must be simple.
  • The content must be readable. As per Google Analytics, content that has short sentences and short paragraphs is easy to read and comprehend. Thus, it gives precedence to such content.
  • Adding advertisement above the fold is a big No. Google lowers the ranking of the sites that do so.


Correct Keywords

The keyword is one of the essential requirements to get to the top of Google search results. Including appropriate keywords in the content helps optimize it that in turn, ensures good search engine results. However, it is not as easy as it seems. A lot of time and effort is involved in researching the right keywords that can provide visibility to your business. It is best to get this task done by an SEO professional.

Use of Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become a great way to connect with existing as well as prospective clients and gain visibility online. Google gives credibility to businesses with good social media handles. Devising an active social media strategy helps achieve a high ranking in Google search results.

Good Speed

In addition to excellent quality, keyword-rich content, and a firm foothold on social media platforms, Google also gives preference to sites that upload faster. This is because it is essential to provide a good user experience. No one would like to view a website that takes ages to upload.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are essential to take your site up on the Google search results. You require networking with people online to get genuine backlinks for your website. You will also find the option of acquiring paid backlinks, but these are not recommended. A lot of backlink scams are going on online. You must beware of the same as Google identifies these and drops the ranking instantly.

Google My Business Account

You can enhance your business visibility online by creating a Google My Business account. To make this work, sign in to your business account and search for your business name on Google. You will get a drop-down menu above the search results. The list has multiple options that allow you to edit your profile, create new posts, add images, and view customer reviews.

You can update your business information from time to time by using the edit tab. New posts can be created and posted to engage more customers by clicking on the create new posts tab. You can add relevant images that are interesting and attractive to generate more clicks. The reviews tab will show the customer reviews. You can view and respond to the customers here. The suggestions given by the users can be used to enhance your services. It is also an excellent way to connect with consumers.

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