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Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

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With millions of websites active on the internet and thousands on-boarding daily, the competition for user attention is continuously growing. Even if businesses use strong SEO techniques to draw attention, visitors can still turn their back after finding generic or uninteresting site designs. This will damage SEO, increase bounce rate, and hurt revenue.

Therefore, businesses must do more than just create a generic website to strengthen their online presence. A Website Design Agency can help businesses make a unique, engaging, and memorable website.

But before starting with website designing, get answers to the following questions:

  • how can you make your site memorable and unique
  • How to engage potential clients or customers

This article will help you find the answers to make your website stand out from the crowd.


Creative Bios Can Be The Key

In today’s time and age, prospective clients want to know who they will be working with. By showcasing the team’s bio, businesses can infuse authenticity into their website. With the images of real office employees working on projects and meeting with clients, businesses can break out of the typical headshots and add more personality and uniqueness to their online presence.


Good Content Goes A Long Way

Create content that takes a unique stand on your brand and resonates well with the targeted audience. It should be relevant, unique, and provide information that the audience wants. By offering opinions on important subject matter backed with the right facts & information, businesses can get higher viewership and engagement. Nurture your website with useful content, so you don’t have to bait the audience.


Add Intro Videos

The purpose of a website is to get visitors to engage and connect, and intro videos are a great way of doing that. Businesses can start with having a one-minute stop-motion video on their homepage to grab the attention of their viewers. Also, make sure to keep the video a minute or two long, as no one is going to watch a long video.

With a video on the homepage, businesses can make visitors:

  • To visit other pages on the site
  • To share the video on social media
  • To act on some steps mentioned in the video

Also, according to, websites with intro videos on the home page experienced a 10% increase in conversion rates.


Keep The Content Updated

The digital market is dynamic, making it necessary for businesses to keep the content on their website fresh and updated. Additionally, it is the best place to boast about your latest and best work, showing your business capabilities and problem-solving skills. The best way to keep the website fresh with content is to create blogs on topics about your respective industry issues. Make sure to keep the content unique and relevant.


Better Not To Use Stock Photos

This gives you the chance to step apart from the crowd and shine. Instead of using stock photos, capture your company’s real essence with a professional photographer’s help. Ask your employees to give their best poses at work or take random shots to showcase your services. By using actual photos in the website imagery, you can add value and authenticity to the overall look and feel of the website.


Adjust The Website Menus And Navigation Titles 

If the visitors cannot find relevant information or there is a surge in your website’s bounce rate, it’s better to adjust the menus and navigation titles. Nowadays, website owners have started the trend of using unique titles showcasing a business one-of-its-kind in the industry. By making such changes, you can make your audience understand the value the brand offers. For example, a company that offers web development services: Instead of calling the page of the website “website development,” call it “Elevate digital presence” to help users see the value proposition.


Make Everything Revolve Around Customers

The purpose of a website is to attract the right audience, keep them engage, and influence them to convert. Therefore, a website should be about clients and customers. Use case studies, clients’ success stories, and examples of how your business has helped customers solve their problems. Don’t make the website all about you but add elements representing how you can help customers.


Parting Thoughts

A lot goes into making a website that can stand out from the crowd. If you feel you do not have the expertise to create a unique, relevant, and engaging website, reach out to the top Website Design Agency in San Jose

Blue Astral is one such company in San Jose, California. We help businesses create sites that offer their prospective clients the best digital experience. We handcraft digital brands, web products, and visual experiences representing You. Your product. Your company. Your audience.

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