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Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

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Before we dive into why businesses need a website, we should understand what a website is and its use.

Imagine if, as a consumer, there was a way to view a business’s reputation, services, and products all in one place. Now ask yourself whether or not you would check google regardless of whether or not you plan to visit this business in person. If the answer is yes, then you can understand how websites can be very helpful to businesses looking to boost their visibility and reputation.


What is a website?

A website, simply put, is accessible. It is up 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection (which seems to be more and more like everywhere these days).


Why does a business need a website?

A website is an important tool to pique online interest between the consumer and business that can grow into offline interaction if the consumer likes what they see. And these interactions can snowball on the internet; the better a business does on the internet, the more their reputation will grow on review sites and social media. That’s why a well-designed, targeted website is more helpful than ever for a growing business.


Is a business website really necessary?

Websites are often looked at as unnecessary. For example, why does a mom-and-pop burger joint need a fancy homepage to sell combo meals to locals who already adore it? And the more one thinks about this, the more situations they can conjure up where a website doesn’t seem that necessary.

But consider this fact: over 80% of all consumers research a product online, whether that be on review sites (that link to businesses’ webpages). And pair that fact with this one: over 60% of those consumers then check at least one retailer online before purchasing their product. So in today’s culture of rapid dissemination of information on the internet, it’s more vital than ever to make sure your business is meeting the demands of increasingly curious and resourceful consumers.

However, businesses shouldn’t be scared by this fact. While there is the risk of losing business by not having a website while competitors race to design the perfect page, the benefits of having a website should be what businesses focus on. Thus, they should look at a website as a boost instead of a hurdle.

When newspapers came out, print ads were just another way for businesses to get themselves out there. And the internet offers the same potential on an even larger scale where a big budget doesn’t necessarily mean a big impact. But focusing on the right things – a good website directed to a specific audience – businesses can reach huge numbers of eager, curious consumers, a win-win for all parties involved.

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