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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

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A website is often the first thing people see about a brand or business. Therefore, business owners must make sure that their sites reflect their brands’ latest look and feel. But if it is not, then it’s time to consider redesigning.

Although, On average, businesses should redesign their websites every two-three years, depending on respective online goals and other factors like:

  • The site looks really old.
  • Every time you go on the site, there are always a few things that need updation.
  • The site is not functioning well on both desktop and mobile.
  • The change in your brand is not reflected in the website design.
  • The competitors have a better site.
  • There is a change in business goals.
  • The content is outdated.

Redesigning a website once every two-three years will help businesses cope with the constantly changing web design trends. If a business fails to do so, it will be an advantage for its competitors. 

Moreover, redesigning a website with advanced and latest features will bring life to the look & feel of the website, attracting more customers.

Redesigning a website is not rocket science. Still, if you are facing issues with the process, hiring the best web design agency can help.


How Can Website Redesigning Help?

Make a website mobile-friendly

Google favors websites that work best on both desktops and mobile phones. A mobile-friendly website delivers a positive user experience. 

By redesigning a site to offer a consistent experience on all devices, businesses can improve reach, engage more, and increase conversion rate.

Additionally, with a responsive web design, businesses will have one website that they need to update and maintain.


Reflect the latest look of a brand

Business services evolve or change with time, and the same should be reflected on its website. It is imperative to make your site an accurate representation of your services. A site is often the first mode of interaction for online customers, making it vital for businesses to reflect the latest version of the brand on their site.


Keep the staff or team pages up-to-date

People come and go in an organization; therefore, reviewing staff pages each year and updating new headshots become obvious.

The same is also important because visitors like to connect with the company’s people when deciding whom to do business with. Updating current headshots and brief bios will foster connections between team members and potential customers.


Ensure a fresh look with the latest photos

Businesses, by updating photos every one-three years, can give a fresh look to their website without indulging in a full re-design.


Boost ranking on Google

The more businesses update their website with relevant and fresh content, the more likely their SEO will stay strong.

Google provides the searcher with the most relevant results by reflecting them at the top. By updating your website often, you can improve the chances that Google will rank the site above websites that are rarely updated.


Ready To Get Started With Website Redesigning?

Are you ready to redesign your website for a couple of years ahead? If yes, we can help you with the best web development services. Our experts will revamp your website for the coming years to highlight your brand and give it the online visibility it needs to thrive.

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