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What Is Mobile Responsive Design And Why Is It Important?

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A responsive website adapts its layout, content, and various other elements automatically as per the size of the screen it is viewed on. Responsive website design is usually aimed at big-screen monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

A website with mobile responsive design adapts to the size of the mobile screen to provide good browsing experience to mobile users. A
mobile website design company can help you with the task. However, before you look for a professional web designing company to create mobile responsive design for your website, it is essential to know why it is important.

Why is it Important to have Mobile Responsive Design?

Here are a few reasons why it is essential to have mobile responsive design:

Optimized Browsing Experience

Mobile responsive design is essential because it offers optimized browsing experience to the users. They do not require resizing, zooming, or panning the content to view it clearly on their mobile device. Doing all this extra work can kill the browsing experience. It can be a put off for the users and thus a loss for the business.

Increased Number of Mobile Searches

Today, mobile subscribers have outnumbered the laptop/ desktop users. Statistics reveal that more than 60% of online searches are done through mobile. The number of mobile users is only likely to increase in the time to come. Thus, to increase brand visibility, it is essential to have websites that are mobile compatible. Mobile responsive website design is the best deal.

Cost Cutting

A responsive website design bars the need to get multiple websites designed for a single brand to match the requirement of different devices. So, you don’t require getting an exclusive website designed for your mobile. You save substantially on the website designing as well as maintenance cost as you need investing in a single site design.

Reduced Time and Effort

Mobile responsive design does not only decrease the cost but also reduces the time and effort spent on maintaining different websites. You can put all the effort into maintaining and updating a single site. Your mobile responsive website will scale automatically to match the mobile screen.

Greater Reach

Since mobile responsive websites can be viewed with ease on the desktop, laptop as well as mobile screen, it has the potential of reaching more people. The mobile responsive design thus ensures greater reach.

Consistent Experience

Unique web design for different platforms and devices provides a consistent experience to the users. This helps in building trust that in turn, results in more significant leads and conversions.

Changes Can be Done with Easy

You do not require modifying or adding content on multiple websites whenever you launch a new scheme or product or need to share any other update. Mobile responsive design eases and quickens the task as you need to cater to a single site.   

High Google Ranking

Google analytics gives substantial weight to mobile-friendliness when it comes to ranking web pages. Having a mobile responsive website design is an excellent way to optimize search engine results. Mobile responsive websites with good content are likely to get a high ranking in Google search results.

Analytics and Tracking Made Easy

Analytics, tracking, as well as reporting,  becomes much easier when you have a mobile responsive design. This way, you can work on a consolidated data retrieved from a single source.

Edge over the Competition

Many companies are not mobile-ready yet. The concept of mobile responsive design is still new, and its benefits aren’t known by many. It is a good idea to take advantage of this new-found knowledge to get an edge over the competition.

You may require investing a few extra bucks in getting mobile responsive design for your website. But considering the benefits it offers, the amount spent is worth it. Look for a good
mobile website design company to get the task accomplished.

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