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How to Make an SEO Proposal for New Clients?

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SEO professionals are in high demand as search engine optimization is the need of the hour. No business in today’s time can survive without a strong online presence, and SEO plays a vital role in establishing the same. With the increasing demand for SEO professionals, many youngsters have dived into the field.

The competition is soaring high, and it isn’t easy to bag good projects. In addition to having thorough knowledge about the SEO tools and the ability to apply them efficiently, you also require an impressive SEO proposal to grab the attention of new clients.

Tips to Prepare an Impressive SEO Proposal

Your SEO proposal is your chance to create the right impression and convince your potential clients to seek your service. Before you begin writing the proposal, here are a few things you must bear in mind:

    Your prospective client has numerous options and is likely to browse through the proposals of several SEO agencies to drill down to one. So, you ought to prepare a proposal that stands out and draws attention.

    An actionable SEO proposal with a clear agenda is what you should aim at as it can enhance your chances of grabbing good projects.

    Your SEO proposal must also be easy to comprehend as your prospective client should know what exactly to expect from you.

Here is the stepwise guide to making a notable SEO proposal to attract good clients:

    Start with an introduction that gives a brief account of your qualification, experience, and the working of your agency. Also, mention your USP to let the clients know how you are different/ better than the others in the game. This is your chance to build credibility and generate the client’s interest in your proposal.

    Next, you should give them SEO insights about their website. Tell them where they lack and how you can help them improve. A small research can help you gather this information. You can target things like their site’s keyword ranking and how it is impacting the overall ranking of the website. This SEO insight will reflect the amount of effort you have put it and how serious you are about the project.

    You should now give them a clear idea about the deliverable. This idea should include all that you aim to deliver to improve the site’s ranking. For instance, if you intend to generate or change web content then let them know about the same. Be specific about the number of pages you will be working on or the number of articles you will be writing in a day/ week/ month to help them understand how you would be moving ahead with the work.

    After sharing the deliverable, you must let them know how these will help and the other targets you have set to increase the site’s visibility. For instance, mention that you are bent upon increasing traffic by 30 percent over the next two months or building ten new backlinks in a month. Make sure you set achievable targets.

    It is a good idea to mention a time frame for each of your targets to give a clear picture.

    It is time now to mention the pricing. You may give pricing slab for different SEO services and not be hard pressed upon a single, set rate. This will widen the scope of the client getting back to you.

    Lastly, do not forget to add a strong call to action in your SEO proposal.


SEO Proposal Template

Here is an SEO proposal template to make things easier for you:

    Introduction (Include brief about your SEO agency, projects handled, USP)

    Pitch Specific SEO Insights (Include your observation of the client’s site, the improvisation required)


    Your Agency’s Approach/ Objectives/ Target


    Pricing Estimate

    Call to Action

Remember, you may be good with your work and may have helped several of your clients climb up the success ladder with your SEO techniques, however, if your SEO proposal isn’t good enough, you will have a hard time looking for new clients.

Incorporating these points will help you prepare an impressive SEO proposal that will go a long way in fetching great business. So, put in a little effort to modify your SEO proposal accordingly and see your business boom.

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