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The Best Way To Generate Qualified Facebook Leads In 2020

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In online marketing, trying to generate qualified Facebook leads isn’t as easy, as you think. This is especially when you don’t follow Facebook guidelines and a good marketing strategy. Most social media platforms are rolling out new algorithms. Unlike Facebook is continuously working on its policy to find violations of its rules and enforce penalties; in the past few months, many ad accounts have been disabled due to privacy violations.

If you’re a digital marketer or you belong to an internet marketing agency, you need to follow the guidelines properly. In this way, you can drive traffic through paid search, approve ads quickly, and most importantly, your ad accounts will be safe.


How To Generate Qualified Facebook Leads?

Are you facing difficulties in getting leads? Or are you generating leads, but that is not as qualified as you want? Suppose, you’re targeting the right audience and generating a good number of leads. Despite that, the leads are not converting. Why?

Let me outline some issues that are going on with the social media marketing campaign. In social media marketing, how much you are spending on the campaign, what audiences you are targeting, how good the creativity is, and so on, these things do not make any sense. Do you know why this problem occurs? It occurs when you target the wrong audience, or when you mislead them through ad creative, or when you don’t use a conditional question in the lead form, and there can be so many other reasons.

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In these cases, you need to revamp the lead generation strategy in the way we have mentioned. We are going to tell you how you can generate qualified leads easily. All you have to do is to follow these tips for revamping social media campaigns from scratch to get more qualified leads.


Understand the Business

Why do you need to understand the business first? Most marketers make a mistake when they start creating ad copy without any study; that is why they fail to approve an ad & secure their ad account when Facebook disables ad accounts without any prior notice.

Do you know why? It happens because most marketers don’t give time to understand their business, product, or service. They start a promotion without having a relevant ad copy, and they don’t follow Facebook compliance. Therefore, they face bad consequences. If you are well aware of the business, then it’s much simpler to understand what you need to show in the creative, including images, video, and text. Apart from this, It helps you to target the right audience.


Take a Look at Ad Creatives

As we mentioned before, knowing the business is vital for every big step in social media marketing. You cannot create the right creatives without knowing about the company. An excellent creative and great content will make a good impression on the audience, help you to build an online community, and bring good results if you follow correctly.

Most results come from smartphone users, and users like to see full-length images and videos on their own devices, according to the trends. On Facebook, you can see that 15 different placements are available, and each placement requires a different image size. Therefore, it’s essential to consider whether you are targeting the right audience with each placement, it doesn’t matter if it is a desktop or mobile.


Create a Lead Form

If you’re getting unnecessary leads, then it’s just because of the lead form. When people see ads for the first time on their timeline, they click on the ad. And when they click, the lead form appears, by mistake, most of the users click on the submit button. Why does this happen? Let me give you an example – if you go on a lead form and preview it, there you will see that in some fields the information automatically gets filled. This is because Facebook keeps some basic information like name, phone number, email, city name, pin code, state, country, gender, etc.

That is why you receive unnecessary leads due to the automated system. Sometimes, It happens when you create simple lead forms on Facebook, including full names, email, phone, and so on. That is not good when we are talking about the qualified lead. While creating a lead form use some required options like multiple choice, drop-down, Q & A, and conditional question. Make sure that the form is created in the right way. If you have any previous lead forms, you can edit and reuse them.

After this, the customer would not be able to submit the form without filling the required fields manually, and apparently, you will get qualified leads.


Choose the Right Audience

Creating the right audience is not tough if you know the requirements of the business and other information. If you’re going to create an audience on Facebook, there you will see three types of audiences.

  1. Custom Audience
  2. Lookalike Audience
  3. Saved Audience

Before choosing any of those, first, you need to understand how they work. What are the requirements of each audience type? Apart from this, try to choose an audience based on the business and niche as Facebook Pixel plays a significant role in retargeting, so don’t avoid it before launching a Facebook campaign. You can create a custom audience with the help of old data, in case you have that, and once a custom audience is created, you can create a lookalike audience with the help of the custom audience.

In the case of a saved audience, you can create and save the audience based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors, and later you can choose a saved audience in the ad set level whenever you want.


Setup the Campaign

Once your ad creatives are ready, you have created your audiences, and the lead form is all set up, then, it’s the perfect time to launch a campaign. Never start a Facebook campaign in haste; make sure you are completely ready for the consequence. Let’s discuss the budget that you will use for the campaign. The budget of the campaign is not a major issue if you have already discussed it with your client or boss. One of the core responsibilities of every marketer is to use the right budget for the campaign.

The budget is easy to conclude if you know how many days the ad will run, how many leads you want to capture in that period, what is the cost of lead, the long-term business plan, and other such information. You can start a campaign on the same budget if you start a bit earlier. But it is better to work from scratch as you are following this article from the beginning.


You need to develop a precise understanding of Facebook policies as we already mentioned in the beginning that Facebook is continuously working on its advertising policy for detecting violations of ads and penalizing the ad accounts. It means that your ad account can be disabled anytime if it does not meet Facebook’s advertising policy.
We hope that this article will help you to understand the best ways to generate qualified Facebook leads. Please do comment if we missed anything. Thanks

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