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Significance of PPC in Your Digital Marketing Plan

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PPC, short for Pay Per Click, is an effective way to market products and services on digital platforms. Many business owners are leveraging this marketing technique to reach their target audience. Digital marketing agencies suggest running regular PPC campaigns to increase brand visibility and generate genuine leads. Statistics reveal that PPC traffic has 50% better chances of conversion in comparison to organic site visitors. But how? What exactly is PPC? How does it work? And why should it form an essential part of your digital marketing plan? Let’s find out!

A Brief about PPC

PPC campaigns are meant to advertise your products and services to generate leads and increase your conversion rate. These campaigns are mostly run on popular search engines and social media platforms because of the traffic they generate. 

Under this popular advertising model, the advertisers pay a fixed amount to the publishers each time someone clicks their advertisement. The model is based on keywords. Online ads of a product or service appear when someone keys in popular keywords relevant to it. Researching and analyzing keywords is thus a crucial part of planning PPC campaigns. The use of relevant keywords can increase the number of clicks substantially. The charges for PPC are mostly based on flat-rate or bid-based models.

Why Should PPC Form a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Now that you have a fair idea about what PPC is and how it works, let us have a quick look at the many benefits it offers. This should help you understand its significance in your digital marketing plan.

Boosts Brand Awareness

As already mentioned, PPC is a great way to increase your brand visibility. How? This method of advertising allows you to put your ad on popular search engines such as Google. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram also allow you to advertise this way. It goes without saying that your brand visibility and awareness is likely to increase when you advertise on such popular platforms. The key is to use the right keywords.

High Quality Traffic/ Greater Conversions

PPC ads largely catch the attention of those looking for similar products. Only those who are genuinely interested in your products and services are likely to click on these advertisements. Many of them may just be looking for information pertaining to your offerings. However, some percentage of those who reach your site may be interested in purchasing your product. In either case, the traffic being generated is high quality. You can certainly expect greater conversions through this medium. You can use advanced targeting tools to further enhance the quality of traffic and chances of conversion.

Reach your Target Audience

PPC allows you to reach your target audience by devising your campaigns on the basis of gender, age, demographics, language, interest and other factors. This is an effective way to target a specific audience. Top digital marketing service providers begin by understanding the segment of consumers you aim to target. They plan and float PPC campaigns accordingly to derive maximum leads.

Quick Outcome

If you use the right keywords and choose the right platforms then you are bound to see quick results. The traffic on your website is likely to increase substantially in such a case. No points for guessing that higher traffic means higher chances of conversion.

Measurable ROI

Merely running campaigns and working hard on different aspects of marketing doesn’t help. It is essential to keep a close watch on their outcome to assess their performance. There are many mediums of marketing that do not allow you to measure the performance. Thankfully, PPC is not one of them. It allows you to check how many people clicked on your ad. It also enables you to see how many of those clicks resulted in sales. So, you get a clear idea about how your PPC ads are performing. You can make further investment or improvisation accordingly.

Economical Method of Advertising

The best part is that advertisers do not require paying a large sum to place PPC advertisements on different platforms. They only pay to the publisher when someone clicks on the ad. If no one clicks on it, the advertisers pay nothing yet improve their brand visibility. 

When you only pay if someone shows interest in your ad and visits your site, your advertising expenses remain in control.

Using the right keywords can help you get more clicks and better conversion rate. Moreover, it is essential to closely monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns and change the strategies if they aren’t working for you.

In a nutshell, PPC is a cost effective method to boost brand awareness, generate traffic and increase conversions. It allows you to reach your potential buyers and get quick results. Besides, you can monitor your PPC campaigns closely to assess their performance. Business owners around the globe are using this method of advertising to increase their profit margins. If you haven’t given it a serious thought yet then it is time you do. We recommend seeking assistance from a reputed digital marketing agency.

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