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What is Web Hosting?

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One comes across the term Web Hosting multiple times. Let’s look into what does it actually means.

The World Wide Web can be looked at as exactly that – a unique world. And in this world, there are addresses. These addresses are where websites are located. Thus, web hosting can be looked at as the upkeep and maintenance of a property. And as with most things involving computers, it sounds easy at first but gets a little more complicated the more you look into it.

First and foremost is the domain, which is just the name, or address, of your website. It’s what you type in to go to that webpage, like or And with any address, a web host must register that they own that address, which actually isn’t that difficult. It basically requires checking that this address hasn’t been taken and paying a registration fee so you can build your beautiful website there.

Perhaps the most elemental aspect of web hosting is the storage of everything in a property. These virtual furniture pieces are software and data files, and to store them, a web host would need a special computer called a server. When someone connects to your website by typing in the address, they are connected to the files and information stored on the server. Simple, huh?

Sadly (but predictably), no. There are a lot of nuances that web hosts have to focus on when hosting.


Things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider:

  • One of these is bandwidth, which is basically the speed at which the host server can transfer data. Luckily, you have found us, a hosting company that is generous with its bandwidth and data transfer limits.
  • Another key is domain privacy. When you register your domain, your information is put into a sort of address book that spammers, hackers, identity thieves, and other unsavory characters can access quite easily. So it’s important to protect your domain and use a proxy service that forwards any messages indirectly, so your information is hidden and safe.


Once a business decides to have a website, it must choose the web hosting company that matches its needs the best. Questions of speed, control, security, flexibility, and support must be asked, along with many others. The business now becomes the buyer in the market of website hosting, and as with any market, the business must pick the product that best balances cost and benefit. Once they do that, they will be much more satisfied, prosperous, and thankful to ask these questions. Needless to say, we have researched all this for you and have simplified the plans based on your needs.

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